Arvato Systems uses DocuSign for electronic signatures

Arvato Systems is pleased to announce that it will use DocuSign to sign documents electronically. Using DocuSign supports the digital transformation of our business relation with our partners. DocuSign is an e-signature platform that enables electronic forwarding and signing of offers, contracts or other agreements.

For our partners, it also offers as well a faster, more convenient way of signing and sending contracts electronically without any additional costs. DocuSign also provides enhanced security features to protect sensitive contract data and enables transparency across all steps of the signing process.

Electronic signatures are valid and legally binding in many countries around the world. Since 2016 eIDAS, the EU Regulation for Electronic Identification and Trust Services, has offered EU companies the possibility of using electronic signatures to speed up business transactions and eliminate paper based processes. The legitimacy of electronic signatures does not depend on the country where the parties are located, but on the applicable law under which the contract is entered into.


Saves time

Contracts can be signed quickly and easily; anywhere, anytime, from any internet-enabled device.

Reduces costs

Paper contracts do not have to be sent via mail and scanned afterwards.

Provides security and enforceability

The platform meets all eIDAS regulation requirements as well as US and European certified standards regarding protecting, encrypting and securing your contracts.

Enhances transparency

All parties involved can easily track the status of a contract, so missing documents and data are no longer an issue.

Increases efficiency

Contracts can be processed easily and stored without requiring additional manual steps. This frees up administrative resources so that you can focus on more important tasks.

Improves usability

It is easy, convenient and user-friendly to use DocuSign`s web based interface. Simple instructions guide the signee through the signing process.

Environmentally friendly

By no longer using  printing material, packaging, and shipping, we save valuable resources.

Without additional costs

Signing with DocuSign is always free. 

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If you have any questions please address them to your Arvato Systems contact!