Shopping around the clock at melectronics

The Customer

  • Consumer electronics and household appliance retailer
  • Founded in 1969 by the Migros- Genossenschafts-Bund
  • 108 locations
  • Annual turnover in 2010: CHF 719 million

Background Situation

melectronics is a major specialist retail chain for consumer electronics and household appliances. It is part of the MIGROS-Genossenschafts-Bund, and with 108 locations in total, it’s easily accessible to everyone in Switzerland. However, competing online business models have been developed in the last few years, and increasing market transparency and significant price competition have also become a challenge. In response to these issues, melectronics decided to expand its range of services to include an online shop (www.melectronics.ch). Since fall 2010, customers who want to buy their electronics online no longer need to resort to using another provider. Customers also benefit from the retailer’s long-standing reputation of trust and excellent service online just as they would in its brick and mortar stores.


In order to implement the company’s eCommerce strategy, its existing systems required significant upgrades. The key tasks included:

  • Developing a user-friendly online shop (partner company)
  • Linking the shop to a product information management system to manage media and product data
  • Setting up a new back end system that could handle complex requirements
  • Integrating other vital components for eCommerce infrastructure such as automated accounts receivable accounting for bulk business, cashless payment options, and efficient returns management

Solution and our Services

After considering several concepts, Arvato Systems worked closely with melectronics to draft a detailed concept (Business Blueprint) in a very short time. The concept described how melectronics’ eCommerce model would be reproduced in the SAP Retail back end with all its special requirements. The systems integrator then implemented the plan as part of an intensive project and put the results through a thorough battery of tests.

In addition to its core function – the high performance e-shop – the system also seamlessly integrates a range of other functions that help to make the melectronics eCommerce experience an extremely user-friendly one for its customers. These functions include accounts receivable accounting with all standard payment processes, the complete integration of external suppliers and the electronic integration of all suppliers, the Enriched Customer Interaction Center, returns management, and the seamless integration of the new system into the Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund’s existing systems.


Thanks to the strictly managed process, the project required just 12 months from the concept phase to the placement of the first customer order. In addition to the experienced project management team, the proven components from Arvato Systems’ BEST4MAIL ORDER portfolio of solutions contributed to the fast, cost-effective implementation of the project.

Customer Benefits

Industry-specific products for call centers, returns management, external sourcing, and more developed in-house by Arvato Systems make this the perfect solution

Long-term shop solution thanks to scalable, high-performance back end and the ability to expand the solution to add more clients

melectronics’ services can be integrated into the business model

Seamless integration into existing systems allows for smooth data flow

All suppliers are integrated in the process via EDIFACT

SAP standard software makes maintenance easy

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