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Project Asset Management for Adobe Premiere Pro

EditMate manages your project templates, automatically importing commonly used media (idents, graphics, bugs etc) into projects where needed and setting up sequence parameters.

The high bit-rates of professional video, and the resulting large file sizes can make remote working at best a chore and quite often impractical. EditMate is available with a unique, adaptive streaming engine that works with the available bandwidth to deliver a high quality “proxy” – giving you the full Adobe® Premiere® experience and toolset but without the need to copy large media files locally. Once you’ve completed your edit, or need to export all or part of a sequence to send for review, simply “check in” the parts you need and all the rendering and high-res creation will happen back in the facility or wherever the original material is stored. 

Your Benefits

Avoid accidental overwrites in the workgroup with project locking

Work anywhere with adaptive streaming to clients and server-based renderings

Maximise storage efficiency with native project parking functionality

Easily manage tens or thousands of Adobe® Premiere® projects with a clear, centralized overview

Project parking for budget-friendly storage management

Create advanced content workflows with seamless integration with other VPMS products

Editing in a cloud-based production environment

Changing working styles and the globalization of the media industry are increasing the need of “remote” work and cooperation, an area in which the “the cloud” offers promising opportunities. In this article, published by FKT, Karsten Schragmann considers the technical innovations required to make cloud-based editing a
daily reality for editors.

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